The Ala Wai Glow

The Ala Wai Canal is usually my running trail but last weekend, it served as the setting for the Umee Spring / Summer 2012 collection campaign photo shoot.

Our team was super cool and included a new addition:  Joe Chilton from WE Media Services.  Joe is all about videography, but he showed us that he can rock the camera in stills too!

Joe Chilton from WE Media Services, aka the wedding videography dude.

Flint Tearney and Lauryn Inouye keeping things cool during the shoot.

On the Ala Wai Canal edge.

We got pretty close to the edge and even though none of us fell in the Ala Wai, we think the looks from the shoot are glowing, but in a non-toxic sort of way. ;)

Over the next several months, we will leisurely (cuz that’s how we do things in Hawaii) release the collection through our digital store,

from Hawaii with love,

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