My Favorite Things: For the love of coffee

Coffee… its not exactly fashion, but it can be fashionable. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite caffeinated finds…

This first one is my favorite coffee joint. The siphon bar is beyond cool and if you choose an espresso based drink, they always have great foam art.

Siphon Bar – Blue Bottle Coffee San Francisco

Hearts & Leaf – Blue Bottle Coffee – San Francisco

This second place didn’t necessarily have the best coffee, but the foam art was pretty cute!

Cute Heart Flower – Bluebird Coffee Shop New York City

Last but not least, I love Honolulu Coffee Company. The coffee is good and its a great place to meet. The plumeria foam art is most common at the Ala Moana Center location.

Adorable Plumeria Foam Art – Honolulu Coffee Company

from Hawaii with love,